Color Combinations for Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Having two-toned kitchen cabinets is just great because that kind of kitchen cabinet is unique. As we know, kitchen cabinet is the furniture to help us keep and store all the kitchen appliances and tools. That is why this furniture is just mandatory furniture in the kitchen. However, good old wooden kitchen cabinet with brown color or white color is already obsolete these days, especially if you have modern-themed kitchen. Kitchen cabinet with two tones can be great options to end the problem. This kind of kitchen cabinet looks more modern and sophisticated. You need to, however, choose the color combinations right so that the cabinet looks awesome instead of awful. Below, you can see the suggestions that you can try when choosing the color combinations for two-toned kitchen cabinets.

1. Black and White

two toned cabinets in small kitchen


two tone kitchen cabinets grey and white


pictures of two toned kitchen cabinets

Classic combination of the darkest and brightest color always works well. Black and white has been used as dynamic duo of color and great as combination. You can have black and white kitchen cabinet. It is going to look amazing in both modern kitchen and traditional kitchen. The color seems neutral but sophisticated at the same time. This color combination can be applied well on the cabinet as well since the dominant color is the white and black is used as the accent colors for the drawers, lines, and crafts on the cabinet. The result will be simply stunning and loved by a lot of people.

2. Brown and Yellow

two tone kitchen cabinets brown and white


two toned kitchen cabinets pinterest


two toned stained kitchen cabinets


kitchen cabinets different colors top bottom

Basically brown and yellow are the same color but one of them is only darker. Brown is the traditional or classic kitchen cabinet color. By adding yellow as the combo, you can get unique-looking cabinet that can be used in both traditional and modern kitchen. Since yellow is pretty bright, you can use it as the accent color instead of using it as the dominant color. The result will be better if you can choose the brown color with almost the same shade as the yellow.

3. Gradation Green

two tone green kitchen cabinets


two toned painted kitchen cabinets


two tone kitchen cabinets fad

Green is a refreshing color. You can use green as the tone of the kitchen cabinet but use gradation to make it looks like two-toned cabinet. Choose different shades of green such as dark green, moss green, leafy green, and bright green. All of them can be combined as used easily to make gradation on the cabinet. The result will be stunning and you can get better looking cabinet exceeding your two-toned kitchen cabinets expectation.

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