Advantages of Using Toilet Sink Combo

One of the most popular modern vanity units is toilet sink combo. This vanity unit is part of bathroom interior with modern theme. Generally, people use wall mounted sinks and the toilet separately. There is a good reason why those vanities are placed separately. People do not use them at the same time. As the development of modern bathroom interior goes, people start to consider the practical placement of bathroom vanities. Since people who use the bathroom tend to use the sink after they use the toilet, combining toilet and sink into a single vanity unit seems to be a great breakthrough.

toilet & sink combination vanity units


manhattan toilet and sink combo

There are several reasons behind the popularity of sink toilet combo. As mentioned before, this design is often incorporated in modern bathroom interior. Bathroom with modern concept requires simple and minimalist design. Most importantly, it requires the practical use of every vanity and furniture in it. The combination between toilet and sink is able to give easy access to both vanities. As you can see, other than being modern vanity, this combination offers practical benefit as well.

cloakroom toilet sink combo


caroma eco friendly toilet/sink combo


toilet and sink combination furniture

Practical use is not the only benefits of using toilet sink combo. The other benefit of using this single unit vanity is related to the accessibility. On this combo vanity, the sink is attached on the top of the toilet backrest. Therefore, people who use the toilet can be easily access the sink afterwards. Commonly, the sink is placed on the opposite side of the toilet. It means that there is a distance between the toilet and the sink. You do not have to be bothered by walking from the toilet to the sink if the sink is attached to the toilet.

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The last benefit is about water conservation. Normally, you flush the toilet and go to the sink to wash your hand. In the case of toilet sink combo, this procedure is slightly different. The water you use to wash your hand will be temporary contained. When you use the toilet on the next occasion, this contained water will be released to flush the toilet. As you can see from this process, you use the same water twice. Due to this efficient water use, this modern design is considered as green vanity.

toilet sink vanity combo


eco friendly toilet/sink combo


all in one toilet sink combo

Those are the benefits of using toilet sink combo. This interesting vanity concept is often used at modern bathroom interior. Other than modern bathroom, it is also applicable for bathroom interior with small space. Since the toilet and sink are on the same vanity, it will not consume too much space of bathroom interior.

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