Cozy and Spacious Pottery Barn Living Room Ideas

Pottery barn living room has various ideas to apply. The ideas create different atmosphere in your old style living room. Even, if you want to apply traditional living room design pottery barn has unique idea to create it fresher. Just learn the ideas below and feel the different before and after applying new living room design by Pottery barn.

Traditional Pottery Barn Living Room

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Some of you love to keep the traditional design. Old fashion is great but why don’t you try to make it fresher? Pottery barn living room got the idea by applying beige color for the wall. You can use several soft and bright colors for your beloved living room. Besides beige color, you can apply dark wooden color for the living room table. A little bit white for the windows frame is also great to improve the classic sensation. Cream and light brown are two perfect colors to boost the traditional sensation in the fresher way. It seems comfortable and cozy, right?

Elegant Formal Pottery Barn Living Room

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Sometimes, you have to welcome your business colleague at home. Creating elegant formal living room can be a good idea. In this case, pottery barn living room is using yellow for the wall. Yellow color is combined with several colors such as white, black, and wooden color. One more characteristic of elegant formal living room is the use of strong shape and pattern. You don’t have to put too much items there. Everything has to be managed proportionally. It looks tidy and comfortable enough for formal occasions.

Pottery Barn Living Room with Coffee Table

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Do you like to apply coffee table? You don’t need to think twice. You can use your favorite coffee table to make your living room perfect. You can combine it with medium size sofa with cream color. Furniture with natural color and material is a perfect option. Wooden cabinet, lamp table, rattan or bamboo furniture create great ambient while you sit there. Later, you can spend your day there by reading books or drinking a cup of coffee.

Contemporary Pottery Barn Living Room

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Beige color is good for contemporary living room design. Then, combine it with medium tone hardwood floor. Brick firework will strengthen the contemporary style. To give the modern touch, you can install a wall mounted television at the top of the firework. It is really a great pottery barn living room if you want to spend free time with your beloved family.

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