Mid Century Modern Bathroom, the Elements to Consider about

Have you ever considered having a mid century modern bathroom without compromising the overall style and also functionality of the room? This style is certainly different from the completely contemporary and modern design. There are some signature elements that aren’t available in other types of designs.

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Just like the contemporary design, the mid century modern bathroom design shares the sleek, simple, clean, elegant, and modern appearance. Developed after the World War I, this style was growing because people needed bigger flexibilities in managing their bathroom without compromising modern inclusion. Another great thing about this design is the flexibility implemented in whatever dimension and size. Whether you have small or big bathroom, you are able to implement this style in whatever management and layout.

One of the signature style of the mid century modern bathroom is to include minimalism in the cabinets. Unlike the traditional cabinets with their crown molding, intricate design, elaborate hardware, and complicated cutouts, the mid-century cabinets have this clean and simple layout. The surface is smooth and flat with minimal or no patterns at all. The doors are flushed and made flat to the hardware and the base. In some designs, the design is straight and boxy but it can also be angular, creating a softer result.

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The materials for the mid century bathroom vanity are varying, from the real and heavy hardwood to the laminate type and also metal vanity. Basically, the style is combining natural and flowing curves with sharp angles and straight construction. If you have a rather big bathroom, choose the regular vanity with the floor as the basic support. But if you have a rather small room, it would be wise to choose the wall mounted cabinet.

Don’t forget that such a cabinet can accommodate a single sink or even a double one. The most common colors are glass, bronze, and copper but you are free to choose other colors, really. When incorporated to the overall design of the bathroom, you are able to match the big and centerpiece bathtub with the angular style of the cabinet. Curved handles and faucets can soften the look of the sharp angles and boxy construction. Consider having a mid century modern lamp as the accent for the bathroom.

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The design of the cabinets is coming in various styles. Some may have the combination of drawer and shelf while some may have only the shelves design. Be sure to choose the one you need – is it wall mounted or not? Is it wide or narrow? Is it big or small? Those are some important considerations to make while choosing the right element for you mid century modern bathroom design.

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