Choosing Living Room Wall Colors Easily

Decorating a living room starts from choosing the living room wall colors. Since the wall is the biggest part of the living room, the color of the wall is literally becoming the color scheme of the entire living room. Thus, choosing the color cannot be taken for granted. Choosing the color for the living room wall is not something easy, though, because you have to consider many things. Below, you can see several suggestions about choosing living room wall colors easily.

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1. Considering the Size of the Living Room

The size of the living room can be the first consideration to choose the color of the wall. If your living room is small, choose white as the color of the wall. As we know, small room can look bigger if the wall has neutral and bright color like white. White has the ability to make the room looks more spacious. That is why if you have small living room, paint the wall white or use white wallpaper to cover the wall. Do not hang too much decoration on the wall as well. If white is considered too plain, use other bright and neutral colors such as yellow or pale orange. On the contrary, do not paint the wall with dark color such as purple, dark blue, or bright red if you have small living room.

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It will make the room looks smaller. If you have a big and spacious living room, however, you can get even more creative with the color selection. You can even choose to have accent wall for the living room. Accent wall is the usage of more than one color for the wall. Usually, there are four sides of living room walls. You can paint three sides with one color and leave the one side to be painted with other colors. The color combination is usually between bright and dark color.

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2. Considering the Theme of the Living Room

Many living rooms have theme in it. The color of the wall can be adjusted to the theme that you are going to give to the room. Say for example, if you want to have a beach-themed living room, then, a sandy color or ocean blue color can be chosen as the color of the wall. If you choose Zen-themed living room, green, brown, or other earthy colors can be chosen. Basically, you have to match the theme with the color so that everything looks in sync. Choosing living room wall colors is easier this way.

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