Industrial Home Decor To Spice Up Your Room

Using materials from a nostalgic industrial past, make the industrial home decor style perfect for any spaces. From living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, and even bedrooms. Creating an illusion from rough surfaces and deliberately leave some surfaces unfinished, yet unified and chic are all you need to show some roughness. It has an ability to give an aesthetic balance. As a result, an industrial feel combined with other various styles, from the rustic to the polished, we’ve got a “warehouse look.”

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Industrial Home Decor Design Guide

A modern twist combined with a nostalgic style to give you an other-era extra charm to your home make the style of the industrial home decor had merely won us over. Used in modern homes, loft apartments, and even commercial spaces in all around the world, it showcases pieces that have as much function as style. We highlight some guides for the modern decor design guide so you can bring this look home.

1. Start from a scratch, ideas

Plan your visions depending on your liking it can be rugged steampunk or contemporary chic and get inspiration from as many resources as you can. The more, the better. And you will most likely get a chance to make it comes true!

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2. Rustic Colors

Rustic colors tend to feature plenty of beige and brown. Choosing the right color palette is the foundation of your design, and it will give you lots of opportunities to use accent colors for the decor.

3. Bold industrial modern furniture

Using a reinforced concrete is a recent trend that had a striking result and is gaining popularity. At least, one wooden table made of all wood or have an exposed steel legs is a must-have. Pick a modern sofa and chairs made from leather like traditional chesterfield and modern low-profile sofa or linen upholstered sofas such as tufted seats that lined with steel nail heads.

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4. Rugs that blend in with environment

Avoid rugs that are way too vibrant, chic, abstract, or have a distinct geometric pattern. Instead, we’d recommend a distressed oriental rug, woven jute rug, textured solid rug, or layering rug with dark colors for a dynamic effect.

5. Industrial wall accents

Industrial wall decor is part of the essential things in balancing aesthetic. For examples, industrial pipe bookshelves, Ashville wall flower, or gear wall art, etc.

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To wrap up this guide, as you can see, there are lots of ways to get the so called warehouse look on yours home. Hopefully, it can inspire you to make your dream of industrial home decor adventures. Now you can start decorating without any worries!

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