Home Bar Design Ideas for Medium and Small Rooms

Home bar design ideas are important especially if you want to redecorate a spot at home as a bar. Actually, creating home bar is not as complicated as you can imagine. A simple design but with the right application can create a great home bar design. Just check the references below and try to apply one of them at home.

Basement Home Bar Design

Do you have an unused basement at home? Instead of letting it unused, you can change it into a home bar. You just need to put cabinets and hardwood floor if it is necessary. By applying this changing, you will have an industrial home bar design in your basement. So, your problem is solved! You have a new home bar without spending extra money.

simple home bar design ideas


rustic home bar design ideas

Traditional Home Bar Design

The reason to apply traditional design is because of its simplicity. This is including if you want to create a home bar. The possible traditional home bar design ideas is by using glass front cabinets and it will be good if you take black cabinet. To make it perfect, you can use granite countertops and soon you will have a cozy traditional home bar design to use.

quick home bar design ideas


home dry bar design ideas


home coffee bar design ideas

Transitional Home Bar Design

It is not a big problem if you have small transitional wall or room. You can still use it as your new home bar. In this case, you still have to apply glass front cabinets and black is the best color for the cabinet. You can combine it with white splash and just remember not to install a sink there.

diy home bar design ideas


bar design ideas at home

Home Bar Design for Very Limited Space

Let say, you don’t really have a space any more to create big size home bar. You don’t need to worry about that because you can use a limited space around your dining room, bedroom, or reading room as a place to create home bar. You just need to add a food stroller and it will be great if you can get the classic design one. Then, add two big chairs on the side of the stroller. Put all the drinks, glasses, and snacks on the stroller and you have a new home bar design. It is simple and unexpected, isn’t it?

home sports bar design ideas


home bar interior design ideas

Don’t waste your time to think about where you have to put the home bar. You just need to be more detailed to see the space and then applying the home bar design ideas above.

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