Features Of Good Field Service Scheduling Software to Look Out For

Every company or organization with a large field workforce experiences faces a tremendous challenge in ensuring seamless coordination of labor, time and machines. In order to be successful in field service, one has to send the right employee to the right job with the right parts and do it at the lowest total cost possible. This will only be easy if organizations adopt the use of advanced field service scheduling software. It can help turn around an organization’s scheduling efficiency in a dramatic way.


A good software program is one that has some key features which of course distinguish it from any other software out there. These features include.

* Optimal performance-This key feature of field service management software allows it to automatically optimize and schedule the mobile workforce. It is also able to reschedule job assignments and rebuild schedules so that work is accommodated optimally.

* Delivers true real-time scheduling

* It is able to predict where to deploy technicians automatically based on historical data

* Improves decision making

* Provides immediate response to change of event or schedule request-workers can send in their reports and be directed to their next job automatically

* Flexible customer and partner communications capabilities

* Robust reporting and business intelligence

* State-of-the-art routing and scheduling

* Solution that manages multiple volumes of assignments

* Advanced work process automation


Not having the right field service scheduling system can make the road to profitability a bit rough. However, the following factors should help you choose the best type of such software.


Ease of use

Think about how simple it would be to maintain and operate your appointment booking software. Since it is impossible to share paper appointment book in two locations at the same time, a good software should have the ease of use so that anyone or everyone in the office can have access to the schedule at the same time.



Security is imperative to protect theft and valuable customer information. Therefore, every organization has to consider this factor so every bit of information entered into the database is secure and confidential.


Record keeping

Finding the best kind of such software would also ensure that all your records are kept accurate and up to date. This is essential to provide quality services and also to make sure all the invoices are correct. The right service scheduling software helps organizations or companies keep track of important customer information. Therefore this one among the most important factors that business should consider before investing in this software.


Proper accessibility

No one would ever want to invest in web based software that it is hard to access when the web goes down. This is because we all want customers/clients or staff to be able to access their schedules remotely from any location. Thus, in most situations, the best software should have an added web functionality so that both staff and customers are able to have access to relevant information from anywhere.



A good service scheduling software should be able to send out reminders to clients ahead of the dates in order to schedule appointments. This is important to ensure that all time slots are fully booked. Therefore, consider investing in a scheduling software that comes with the ability to print letter reminders, send email reminders, or optionally send reminder calls. This is a very vital factor.

Any business or organization that invests in this software tend to enjoy some few benefits. These benefits include.


One: Improvement in productivity

Improvement in productivity comes as a result of transparency and real-time visibility of the mobile workforce. There are more consistent and controlled processes and therefore increase in job satisfaction.


Two: Improve both customer loyalty and satisfaction

The software makes sure jobs are done right on time, the first time and with the right technician hence this improves clients’ satisfaction. It also provides accurate and reliable schedules to the customers in real-time reducing delays and last-minute orders.


Three: Increase revenues

The ability of this software to schedule more complex work, cross-sell, sales calls and up-sell opportunities and also service more customers by optimizing route tends to increase the company’s revenues. It also makes it easy for organizations to expand their market penetration without adding additional staffs and hence they gain greater share of their customers.


Four: Field service scheduling system reduces the following businesses cost;

– Reduce travel costs

– Reduce service delivery costs by almost 20% or more

– Minimizes penalties while maximizing conformance to commitments

– Reduce planning costs

– Eliminates costs and errors associated with manual scheduling

– Minimizes labor costs


Five: Saves time

The software has the ability to optimize schedules in a fraction of a second thereby maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the field operation. It is able to recognize slack time so that preventive maintenance are taken instead of taking longer breaks. This saves a lot of time for both the customers and the staff members.


Apart from these five main benefits, there are also other minor ones. They include;

* Increases maximum calls per day by 25% or more

* Increases the technician response times

* Improves ratio of dispatches to technicians

* Facilitates the optimal allocation to varying jobs in disparate locations

* Increases scheduling efficiency and technician utilization


On the other hand, when evaluating an organization field service scheduling system, you have to keep these five things in mind so your customers remain delighted. This is because customers need and expect great services and if they don’t get from you, they will go to look for that elsewhere. You can only be able to do this by;


Increasing first time fix rates

Providing offers that they want and value

Adapting to changing schedules, demands and emergencies as quickly as possible

Providing a tailored experience for each customer

And finally increase on time attainability


Bottom line

Field service scheduling software fits the changing needs of your business, winning the trust of your dispatchers and schedulers by enabling them to work flexibly. This software also makes the road to profitability in an organization a bit smoother and easier to navigate. Therefore, it is recommended that both small, medium sized and large businesses invest in this software to increase their business productivity in the long run.