Apartment Living Room Ideas for Small Apartments

There are many apartment living room ideas for small apartments that you can try. Indeed, many people these days are living in an apartment instead in a house. Apartment is not as spacious as house and the living room of an apartment is usually tiny as well. That is why we need to be clever in decorating the living room so that it will look spacious. Below, you will see several apartment living room ideas for small apartments that you can try to make the living room looks bigger and comfortable.

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1. Use White Color

The color scheme of the living room can be a big deal when you want to make the living room looks bigger. First of all, you need to choose white as the color scheme. Why white? It is because white is the brightest neutral color. It has the ability to make rooms look more spacious. White is also a very neutral color that you can combine with many other colors of your preference. However, if you do not like white, you can choose other colors as long as it is a bright color such as yellow or pale orange. Avoid painting the wall of your living room with dark colors such as black, purple, red, and so on since it will make the living room even smaller.

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2. Hang a Mirror

A mirror on the wall is not only great to notify you about who has the fairest look. It is also a great tool to make your living room looks bigger. A mirror has the ability to reflect the living room and make it looks bigger. That is why you can hang a huge mirror on the wall and feel the difference. It does not have to be the expensive mirror with crafted frame or something. Just hang regular mirror on the wall or if you can, cover the entire wall with mirror (without a frame at all).

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3. A Few Furniture Only

Living room is actually the one room that does not have to be cramped by furniture. You only need a set of sofa and a table actually in the living room. If your living room is also functioned as a family room, probably add a set of entertainment furniture such as TV cabinet in there. However, you do not need to have huge cabinet, coffee table, and so on in the living room, especially when you try to apply apartment living room ideas for small apartments.

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