Field Scheduling Software – A Must-Have For Peak Performance

When you are working with a massive field service team, you might not be able to manage appointments and schedules manually. What you are required to do is invest in field service management software that will assist you with workflow management amongst other things. This software allows users to automate manual processes such as employee time sheets, service work orders and invoicing, customer management among other processes associated with key parts of your business.

Easy to use

Easy to customize

The ability to easily manage and schedule your various jobs to maximise profits is easier than you may have thought, let us show you how easy it actually is.

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Complete Solution


No question was left unanswered in the creating of this scheduling software, you can quickly see it’s a full feature solution designed by industry experts.

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You in Mind

Browser compatible

Every company is unique, our scheduling software was crossed checked on all platforms to make sure it’s rock solid for every user to use with a super easy to use configuration.

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Check out all the features of our software and client testimonials:
  • Complete software solution

    Something as complex made so easy to take one more thing off your plate and help you run your business that much easier.

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  • Precision scheduling and configuration

    We know that even a few minutes late to a client appointment can ruin your reputation; we are by your side to prevent that from happening.

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  • Visuals for quick reference

    Images say one thousand words, you’ll see our scheduling images do just that.

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  • Your equiped anywhere in the world

    Ordering Custom Softball Jerseys Online

    Softball season is always something fun to look forward too, especially when you start out fresh with new uniforms and a new team. It makes no difference what happened last year, all that matters is you show up looking like a team.

    The best way to show looking like a competitive softball team is to have coordinated jerseys. Too often in softball leagues especially recreational ones we see teams show up wearing clothes that have nothing to do with a uniform. It is because you want to look like a team and be somewhat professional out there, that it is important someone take charge and order custom softball jerseys.

    Now if you play in a competitive league or if this if high school, college or any other association you are going to need everyone to wear the same type of jersey. It is important that you pick something that is comfortable to wear depending on the season and the climate. A cold weather city might opt for something a big warmer, especially if their season starts in the beginning of spring or if it is a fall league.

    canada custom baseball jerseys macgraphoto

    canada custom baseball jerseys macgraphoto

    If you play softball down south then you’re going to want custom softball jerseys that are loose fitting and have a material that breathes. Mesh is a pretty good choice as well as the new dri-fit technology. This dri-fit is actually very good for all teams down south since it does not absorb the moisture when you sweat. They even have this technology in caps and socks too so you can be comfortable all over.

    Ordering custom softball jerseys today is much simpler than in years past because you have lot more options to choose from. Online is the best place to look because you to see lots of different color combinations, and also pictures of what these jerseys look like on players. You can design an entire uniform, not just a jersey online so that is also something to thing about.

    The ease of shopping online gets better since there are many retailers who are competition with one another. This means lower prices for you and your team! It is okay if you shop around for the best price, get plenty of quotes, discuss the types of jerseys your team want and then go ahead and make the purchase.

    Custom softball jerseys can be made to any specification you desire, and online is the best place to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

    No matter what part of the world you are in, we’ll have you connected to manage the scheduling of your business with a client of a button.

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Creative Ideas Using The Uniform Builder For Baseball

Creative Ideas Using The Uniform Builder For Baseball

Playing baseball is a fun sport where many teams take the field each day looking their best in shiny new uniforms. You might even say that the quality of play is much improved today thanks to these new baseball uniforms.

Feeling comfortable in new uniforms is very important, and if you look good you feel good and it is sure to make you perform better. Whenever you take the baseball field you always notice the other teams uniforms. Some teams definitely do have nicer duds and always flaunt them when they run out to the field.

Now your team can have great looking uniforms too thanks to many online uniform building websites. There are many websites that show you how to use the uniform builder to come up with different color combinations, fabrics and choice of logo. If you find a good uniform builder speak with a representative of the site to get some interesting[]  ideas to help you create something your team will be proud of.

baseball custom uniform

baseball custom uniform

There are many different color combinations, so that is the first thing you want to get down pat. Usually your team has a preference of color, so stick to that. Then there is the choice of what type of jersey is best. Do you go with a more traditional look with the classic button down jersey or does your team prefer a short sleeve model with a t-shirt underneath. Maybe you want both models since a lot of school and recreational teams are now going with alternative models.

The pants should be a proper fit and not too tight and restrictive on the thighs. You need to be able to run comfortably in the pants, and not have to worry about them being too stiff. Same with the jerseys, no itchiness and you definitely don’t want those cheap cotton ones that shrink.

When the uniforms are designed right you look professional and you feel like a team that is destined to win every game. Also take a look at the different fonts and stitching patterns as those options can add a very nice touch to any uniform. Piping run down the sides or pinstripes are nice too.

The best feeling is when the box arrives and you see the uniforms for the first time. There is nothing like putting on a brand new jersey, then taking the field. It is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Why use this software?

The good thing about field service management software is that one can access it from any smart phone, computer, tablet or laptop, seamlessly. Also, one is spared the hassle of having to purchase a complicated and expensive hardware or software. Other benefits that one stands to gain by investing in a field service management software include the following:



Operational Efficiency

Organizations that use this kind of software have reported up to 40% decrease in cost of operation and up to 75% decrease in overtime. Moreover, most companies have reported an average of 47% increases in rate of job completion per day specially in luxury auto rental agencies. Clearly, efficiency and more productivity are some of the benefits you stand to gain by using such a program.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is quite important to the survival of any company. If your customers are not satisfied with the kind of service that you are offering them, then chances are that they will start soliciting for services from your competitors. A well designed management software however can narrow your customer’s wait window to the shortest time possible. What’s more, it can increase your effectiveness in meeting tight schedules and deadlines. Surveys done so far show that a good field management system can help you achieve up to 98% customer satisfaction rate.


It’s economical

An economical system is one that is capable of delivering maximum benefits while incurring the minimum possible cost while helping you expand your business credit history. That being said, using a well designed program gives you an edge over your competitors. By partnering with a solution that can optimize your field service, you can save a lot in terms of cost per year. Besides that, you can rest assured of delivering same high quality services to your clients. Above all, you can plan better for future projects.


These three benefits that we’ve outline above are just but a tip of the ice-berg. There are many other merits that are worth reporting about but we will leave it at that due to space constraints.


Moving on swiftly, what are some of the factors that you need to consider before investing in a professional field service scheduling software? Here are a few tips you can follow.


Tip One: Look for a program that is fast to deploy

Time is a very important resource and it needs to be saved by all means possible. As such, when you are looking for a field service management software quickbooks compatible, the first factor you need to consider is the time it takes to deploy. Some solutions take up to 3 months to get up and running. Others might even take years. We recommend you look for a solution that gets up and running in weeks.


Tip Two: Check for reliability

You don’t want to invest in a system that experiences periodical downtimes. Likewise, you don’t want to spend your money in a malfunctioning system. Now, since you want to get good value for your money, it is imperative to find a system that is highly reliable. Look for a solution that has no downtime. One that is always running. A well-designed field service management software small business  should have an annual uptime rate of at least 99.5%. Don’t accept anything that delivers less than this rate.


Tip Three: Ease of access

We live in a digital world where everything seems to be operating at an alarming speed. You don’t want to be the only who is slowing down while your friends are busy keeping up with the best operators in the world. Make sure you are using a solution that uses a cloud architecture that allows you to access the main system remotely from any web-enabled device. A good system is one that does not require any special hardware or downloads to access.


Tip Four: Up to date

Avoid investing is a solutions that is outdated. The world is changing at a remarkable rate and you surely don’t want to be left out of this hi-speed bandwagon. That being said, you need to find a program that includes upgrades and maintenance. This way you will be assured of getting the latest versions installed. Besides that you can rest assured to receive all of the new and enhanced functionalities available in the market.


Tip Five: Robust and continuously improving

You want to invest in a program that is always being improved to keep up with a fast-changing world. It would be unwise to invest in a static software as this could only mean that you’ll lose out in the long-run. Ideally, you should find a service provider who is ready to collaborate with you to improve your solution in readiness for a brighter future.


With the right field scheduling management solution you can achieve the following:


* Schedule jobs with the available resources and integration of job requirements

* Ensure all projects take account of task dependencies and time restrictions

* You can automate scheduling of work from multi-resource jobs to multi-stage and multi-day

* Determine job-specific requirements such as proficiency, availability, tools, job cost and tools availability

* You can schedule optimization at your company

* You can offer your clients a range of appointments based on real-time availability of resources

* Create reports in the field and organize technicians and remove all the paperwork effectively

* Facilitate simple collaboration and coordination with the rest of your team in the field


Bottom line

Managing a field service company can be a logistic nightmare. Therefore, to avoid losing revenue from lost or late invoices, you need to have a proper software or system for tracking your payments and invoices. Whether you do plumbing, IT support, window cleaning or appliance repair, learn to adopt the use of field service management software to prevent cases such as employees pocketing money customers or even walking off with inventory equipment. This software is a great way to increase profits and improve efficacy.

Macgra photo sponsors young athelets in sports

Macgra photo sponsors young athelets in sports

There is a such a real life truth to investing in our youth. No matter the ups and downs of business we know that it’s our youth and their success that will keep our economy growing. Sometimes we find that action and movement are the best way to capture the best photos. Nothing can make up for the real-life of movement and passion behind a person doing their best to win. As we strive to do our best in what we do taking candid shots of young baseball or football players playing their heart out in the sport they love; we can certainly relate. Even their custom baseball jerseys are obviously a selection of pride, once student even went as far as ironing it to be extra crisp for our photo shoot! He said after it was more for his mental state than actually having a nicely pressed uniform. Even so it was comical.